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Tookapic T-shirt / Sticker tagline ideas (Get free swag)

Few weeks ago, during "Tookapic Love" weekly theme we had couple of people posting photos of Tookapic stickers "in the wild". Here are some of them:

I want to make new stickers and new t-shirts. But not with just a logo and url. I want to do something more. But I need your help.

Let's come up with a slogan/tagline that conveys the spirit of Tookapic, 365 projects and daily photo taking.

My favorite t-shirt says "Create Every Day". I got it from guys at ConvertKit. I love it because that's exactly what I'm going for in life. Creating every day.

Let's come up with something similar for Tookapic. Something we'd be proud to wear on a t-shirt.

Free t-shirts & stickers for best idea

Here's the deal. Post your ideas in the comments below, and then we'll choose the best one either by voting or I'll do it myself.

Author of the best idea will get a free t-shirt with the tagline they came up with, a set of stickers. But that's not all.

The Author will be also able to point two other Tookapic members he'd like to give free t-shirt and stickers as well. So I'll actually send out 3 t-shirts and 3 sets of stickers. All I ask for is one, good idea ;)

Waiting for your ideas until Sunday Dec 1st.

Ok, let's do it!


Viola Qniej as I wrote under your photo: catch your day!

KasiaM I Tookapic and you?

Because I recently forgot :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Hard to believe. Soon I will try to start and finish the new project 365!
Best regards, everyone!

marta_ii Tookapic or not, that is the question... 😉

Maciek Korsan Tookapic - it's easy as 1, 2, 365

Dorina Höhn-Daskalova everyday 😎

Margie One World. One Day. One Photo.

Iwona Take a shot. Tookapic.

pulpo living at jazzie's bathroom A photo a day keeps the doctor away :-)

Grzegorz Milewski Don't talk, just took, tookapic.
I'm the one who tookapic.

vera A picture a day,
Opens a new way
For living and play! 💃🏻

Robbie Colvin If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what story 365 pictures can tell

KasiaM Year by year, day by day, pic by pic!

KasiaM Your way to Tookapic every day!

Basia You took?
Yes, I tookapic

Łukasz Brożek 1! 2! 3! Tookapic!
Live your life with Tookapic.
Remember your life with Tookapic.
Tookapic. The most important project in your life.
Life project? Tookapic!
Tookapic everyday.
Tookapic. Sleep. Repeat.

Maciek Korsan Only wake me up for a photo.

kasiamakos Chwytam dzień... Aparatem 😁 ewentualnie
Carpe diem... Aparatem 😁

Magdalena Kadysz We have tomorrows for a reason- Tookapic

If not now.. then when? Tookapic

Tookapic- Keep going!

Maciek Korsan In case of fire - save my camera.

Maciek Korsan TOOK A PICture here

Piotr Niezgoda Jedno zdjęcie mały krok, zrób codziennie tak przez rok.

Marcin K. Capturing memories 365 times a year

Mariusz Kuberczyk Create memories - tookapic

Hanna G. tookapic is it !

Magda Ko addicted to create

Artur Łobocki Find your superpower

Ian Prince Tic toc Tookapic

Ian Prince One day at a time

Paweł Kadysz Mmm... i like this one.

Ian Prince I do it everyday

marek and here is my few ideas:

tookapic is an addict
tookapic #mydailyphotodiary
tookapic - keep the streak
tookapic - feel unique

Romanos Kalamatianos Pic a moment every day

Romanos Kalamatianos Pic your journey in life

Joe Fortin Shoot, share, repeat.

Mariusz Kuberczyk Tookapic, just remember ;)

Basia I have this power - I tookapic every day

agnieszka bladzik do we have a winer?

Paweł Kadysz Tough choice. I'm now trying out different tagline in t-shirt/sticker designs. I'll announce the winner soon.

Maciek Korsan any updates on this? :D

agnieszka bladzik we will never know ;p

Kazziz we'll know during next #tookabirthday ;-)

klopot Rok Świet(L)ny Tookapic = 365 kadrów :)


TOOKAPIC - believe in it

Maciej Kozioł I: Tookapic
You: Tookapic
We: Tookapic.

Solmaremi keep calm and tookapic

bizon I like this one :)

sylwiatka Streak

agnieszka bladzik i saw some stickers so maybe there is a winner? ;)

shadow1986 Your photo = your world!

bartez83 "You don’t take a photograph. You Tookapic it ..."