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lack of daylight

I am surprised how I manage to start and keep my project at that time of the year? Short days, grey and dully. How are you manage? Are you struggling as I do last days?


Jean-Francois CARETTE A chaque jour suffit sa peine et tant mieux si on peut se surprendre de rêver un peu grâce à ces belles photos de tous(tes)

Magda Korzewska merci beaucoup

Hanna G. sad weather, moisture, gray and a short day also have a negative impact on me - a period has started when it is difficult to mobilize to do anything. If it wasn't for the dog and the need to take her for walks I probably wouldn't go out at all. When I feel a depressing mood coming, I go to ... work or meet my friends.
Find time and let's organize something that will improve our mood - maybe you fancy a coffee on the 32 floor with a view of Gdańsk ...
Yet you have to save yourself ... so let's fight

Magda Korzewska at the sunrise would be fun, but they open only on 10 AM

Hanna G. Magda, don't look for bones in the egg

Magda Korzewska sometimes you just can not control it :)

Basia Recently I ask myself this question. It is dark, and when it is brighter I am at work. I repeat that in January it should be better, may it be spring

Magda Korzewska Even during a day is dark, I can not imagin how they manage in Reykavik or Tromso at that time of the year.

Basia I don't even want to imagine it, it's already too depressing here

Joe Fortin "If it was easy, we'd call it brain surgery. "

I don't get hung up on it being dark and dreary. Look at the full/lack of lights an opportunity to make something new/different.

Remember: this isn't a contest, it's a journey. Don't be afraid to make something boring and ugly. Be brave enough to make the biggest mistakes you've ever made. Have fun!

Magda Korzewska Thank you Joe for joining conversation. This I know very well already, it is not competition this is something 100% for myself. Probably this is a reason, I am so frustrated that I have a series of poor picture I would not want to see them again. But this is a life, it is not possible to be perfect everyday, especially when you are overload with work and feel sick.

Lauren Huston I'm actually the complete opposite. I hate summer, I get massive fatigue with all the daylight and if you look at my summer shots (~November-March) each year, most of them are streak shots.

I actually tried to spend time to create a list of things I could try shooting or visiting during summer, but half the time I just stay home. :(

Hurry up winter.

Magda Korzewska I understand your point, for me strong sun from high above is not interesting, it is not giving nice shadows. In the summer I prefer to shot in the evenings. Actually the best solution for me is taking photo afterwork as I am not morning person at all. I am only complaining from November till March, as it is quite hard to find time everyday during lunch time.

agnieszka bladzik struggle is real! I'm happy when I manage to save my day by morning photo even if it's another sunrise from my window. If not everything seems flat to me and uninteresting. also due to small renovation project at home I'm now bit limited if it comes to space to flatly/food photos

Magda Korzewska not happy for you, but happy I am not the only one who struggle so much.

Dorina Höhn-Daskalova I am going fast when the sun comes out and looking for it even when being under the fog, sometimes going to the mountain for it :) Walking my dog every day saves me and when before I was going a lot for her, now I included my picture of the day in it ;)

Magda Korzewska I wish you good luck for your project, enjoy it (you started the same day I finished my year 4 :) When you finish your project next day I am going to finish year 5! Do we have a deal?

Dorina Höhn-Daskalova Thanks a lot you Magda <3 Good luck to you too and congratulations for your incredible 4 years and the beginning of your 5th one !! Amazing !! And Yes ! we have a deal ;)

0404 The answer is trivial always strives for excellence and also continuous 365 days project.
And I know I will survive because 📷 is my best way to cut myself off from everyday life

120mr I'm taking a tripod to my work, so I can shoot in the afternoon. But I think next week it wouldn't be necessary. Also - last years I was taking a lot of pictures of things in small home lamps light or just lamps ;)

bizon I do bad photos at night (with my camera for 40 zł they're very bad but it's okay and for me they are important).
Also I often wake up at 7 and take a photo of sunrise - even if I wouldn't take any photo later, this one can be okay and even save my streak!

Dave Fritz On the overcast or grey days I tend to use black and white. Those are good days to play with something you may not do often.