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Thank You

During these uncertain times, routine is very important.

Making sure you get up at the same time every day. Getting dressed in Outside Clothes (no daytime pajamas). Finding the time and tooking a pic.

I realized this morning how much this community means to me. It's not just waking up in the morning and seeing all the likes and comments and engagement on my pictures, it's so much more...

I live about fifteen kilometers from the middle of nowhere, at the end of a long gravel road, in the middle of a forest. During the shutdown/lock down/physical distancing going on I find myself looking forward to exploring all the pictures and stories and whatnot from around the world.

While we are isolated, we are not alone.

Thank youl


Marta Tomaszewska I just want to say that you're very lucky to be trapped inside the forest, it's a gift! Please look at this like that. At least for me :D
I'm trapped on the 10th floor of block of flats, not going out and see the world only from my balcony. I miss touching the grass so much!

But on the other side I try to process all this due photos from last 2 years and it seems there is no time for overthinking the situation. It's a month like that now and I'm like in the first 20%...

I hope everybody will find the way to cope with all this crazy situation. Stay healthy!

vera Thank you for these touching words Joe! It's understandable how you feel about isolation! Let's hope this time passes soon! I find Marta's opinion is interesting on the way we look at the situation.
Personally I live in an area very close to nature, I have a garden and I am infinitely grateful for that! I try to make "focus" on what's good... it's also an art of living!

Hanna G. Joe, I also thank you for being here every day, for having become part of my life together with the whole community, through your photos and although we will probably never meet in real life, it is nice to have friends with whom you can everyday exchange a piece of your own life - because our photos are pieces of our life, our reality

my everyday life has basically not changed - in the morning a walk with the dog, then I go to work, sometimes necessary shopping, late afternoon return home and an evening walk ... and only the world around me became strange, crazy and ... to the forest not allowed to walk

Lido I live in a block of flats, I ride a lift in a mask because two families are in quarantine. I only go out for bread and to the pharmacy. For me it is a very hard time. Take care Joe, it will end one day

Kazziz well said! All the best for You, keep strong! We're gonna live it through :)

Phillip Flores Joe! We may all live in different parts of the world and almost everyone is in one way or another suffering in this current situation but at the same time we have this great little community where we can share a bit of our life daily.

Most of us will never meet in person but the relationships created by the daily sharing of photos are as real as any other I think. I say this because how many of us look forward to meeting Tookapic member whenever such a chance arises or how we generously comment on the photos as well as the outpouring of "congratulations" when one reaches a milestone.

As you say, we are not alone.

agadziura Beautifully written :) Thank you :D

Jean-Francois CARETTE Bonjour Joe,Merci pour ce beau témoignage.C'est notre liberté qui est en suspens,mais nous sommes en vie et pouvons revenir à l'essentiel.Quoi de plus merveilleux que de sentir le calme,de contempler la nature et de respirer le bon air.C'est charmant de poursuivre nos échanges de photos toutes plus belles ou drôles les unes que les autres.Demain sera un autre jour et tant qu'il y a de la vie,il y a de l'espoir.Conservez bien la santé

Hello Joe, Thank you for this beautiful testimony. It is our freedom that is pending, but we are alive and can get back to basics. What could be more wonderful than feeling calm, contemplating nature and breathing the good air.It is charming to continue our exchange of photos, each one more beautiful or funny than the other.Tomorrow will be another day and as long as there is life, there is hope. health

Cześć Joe, Dziękuję za to piękne świadectwo. To jest nasza wolność, która jest w toku, ale żyjemy i możemy wrócić do podstaw. Co może być cudowniejszego niż spokój, kontemplowanie natury i oddychanie dobre powietrze. Urocze jest kontynuowanie wymiany zdjęć, każde piękniejsze lub zabawniejsze od drugiego. Jutro będzie kolejny dzień i dopóki będzie życie, będzie nadzieja. zdrowie

Michael Gatton I also envy you living in or near a forest, but "the grass is always greener," as they say. Stay safe.