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Why is it worth?

What is about Tookapic that you think it's worth to pay?

I asked myself this question couple of days ago when I saw notification which says that my free trial will be expired. And I was like 'what the hell is going on?' My previous account here was free. But I based my content on analog photos. It was hard to make it regular. So I gave up. This time I'll give up in few days because I don't think is worth to pay that much. I could do it on instragram as well. And for free. Maybe if it would be third of this price... But in this case I would rather spend it on films, developing and scan... I could have one film every month.

I'm wonder why you're here.


LIDO I like Tookapic and I will stay here.

Paweł Gruszczyk but why do you like Tookapic?

anjin I like it 2 - mainly because of the positive and cultural people Here - although I Had one very unpleasent case with one user I find it as a Great place and I really like this Community - So different than fb groups

jenth23 I prefer tookapic because I can upload photos from my computer, don't have to use smartphone.. And I love the statistics

Paweł Gruszczyk Actually you can upload photos from the computer. :)

Joe Fortin Think of Tookapic like a camera club. You pay dues for the club, you get access to the benefits of the club.

I originally remember thinking that I would just quite tookapic when the No-More-Free Accounts was announced. But that I realized that I get something out of it.

I get to belong to a community of people who all *WANT* to be here. Paying even a dollar helps create an environment where the members have a vested interest in the purpose. Free places (like Instagram) do not.

Also: paying for my membership means that I am not subjected to ads.

Paweł Gruszczyk I think I don't get this benefits. And yes. You're right 'bout vested interest in the purpose. But 1$ or 2 or 3 is fine. But no 8 dollars or however much it is.

Weronika Witam, bo może warto zadać sobie pytanie ile to wszystko kosztuje. Instagram, Facebook nie są za darmo są że środków reklamodawców. Zresztą co tu dużo mówić też nie chodzisz do pracy za darmo. To czysta energia. Jesteśmy grupą fajnych ludzi nigdzie takiej nie ma. Tam mogą być wszyscy tutaj Ci którzy chcą. Pozdrawiam

Michał Well, first of all, they say there's no such thing like a free lunch. Of course, you can publish your pics in hundreds of places. Some ask you pay in $, some just make $ based on your activity there. You choose.

Think of it as a fee for a membership in a small and candid community. Option to upload one pic per day is a benefit included in the price ;)

I like tookapic not only for that community but also for the content which is created here. Compared to the content published via the key social media players, it seems the world by tookapic is much closer to the real world. And also to my skills. Great photographers are here, with the passion but the only fraction of them are professionals, making a living out of it. It means they also do not have time, have creative blocks, etc. But nonetheless, we all keep posting each and every day. It just wouldn't be the same elsewhere. Kinda challenge :) By the way, if you want to challenge yourself in say a marathon, you are asked to pay a fee.

Paweł Gruszczyk Actually you don't have to use any site or app to challenge yourself with making one photo per day. Or let's say choose a photo from bunch of photos you took. Isn't it? Disadvantage is for sure that you don't have that much motivation. People are social animals.

Michał True :)

By the way, not sure if you came across this blog entry - it compares a few common platforms for running 365 project: blog.tookapic.com/where-to-run...

Paweł Gruszczyk Oh, nice! I didn't see that yet. Thanks

agnieszka bladzik i miss blog part, i know it's massive amount of effort to write the post, but still miss it

Paweł Kadysz Of course you don't need any site or app or a community. I know, because I did my first 365 project all by myself. I completed it. And you know what I missed the most during that 12 months? A site or app or a community around the idea of 365 projects. That was exactly why I created Tookapic.

You don't NEED running shoes to run a marathon either. But it's much easier with the shoes, don't you think? ;)

Paweł Kadysz First let me tell you why is Tookapic a paid site. To keep the lights on. We're just two people team. What you see here was bootstrapped from scratch. There is no big investor behind this project. We built it with our own money and time. And that’s good. Nobody will make us sell to a big company and leave our users with nothing.

The price we ask for the service is a fraction of what new lens cost, not to mention a new camera. And yet, Tookapic will do so much more for your photography than new gear. (I think @Ian said that once).

Also, if the service is free, that means YOU are the product. Your data is being sold to third-party companies. We don't do that. We don't serve any ads either. We ask for a small fee for a particular service.

And last but not least - Tookapic is a job for us. A job we love, but still a job.

You probably got an email about a big update we plan on December 12th. We managed to lower the costs of maintaining the site significantly, and so the pricing will drop. I extended your trial until December 14th, so you can see the new site and make your decision then.

anjin And this Why I stay here - @Paweł - this is awesome What you wrote!

Marcin K. Ah! Finally the release date! I am glad that finally you are getting to that point. I can't wait!

jenth23 A pity you will remove statistics. I often checked "my cameras" and favourite tags, sometimes "top photos"

Comment was deleted

Iwona- shadoke To ja przy okazji zapytam Ciebie, @Paweł , jak to wygląda z płatnością dla tych, którzy kończyć będą projekt 31 grudnia lub w okolicach tego terminu i płacili subskrypcję miesięczną? Czy, żeby dokończyć te 2 tygodnie trzeba będzie zapłacić za cały rok? Trochę niejasno jest to dla mnie napisane w mailu, który akurat do mnie nie dotarł...ale inni mi go podesłali. W takiej sytuacji jestem ja, @Aleksandra @Monika - o tych osobach wiem. Monika już złożyła rezygnację i chce się z nami pożegnać. Możesz zabrać głos w tej sprawie? Będę wdzięczna :)

Marcin K. Mail mógł wylądować w folderze spam :-( Gmail mi tak zaklasyfikował maile od Tookapica :-(

Iwona- shadoke Rozumiem że gdzieś się zapodział, choć przeszukałam wszystkie kąty 😃 te o miesięcznych płatnościach trafiają tam, gdzie trzeba... Ale to najmniejszy problem 😃

Daniel Borth W mailu nie pisze że miesięczne subskrypcje znikną całkowicie ( znikną tylko dla nowych użytkowników ) a roczna będzie się po prostu bardziej opłacać , przynajmniej ja tak to zrozumiałem :)

Weronika Ja też. 😀

Weronika Może warto zapłacić miesięczną opłatę nawet ciut wyższą żeby skończyć projekt. Co dalej zdecydujesz potem. Do 12 zostały 4 dni. Poczekaj Iwona. 😀

Iwona- shadoke @Daniel Ja w zasadzie też tak zrozumiałam, ale ziarno wątpliwości pojawiło się pod zdjęciem @Monika

Rafal First year was a challenge, second which is coming to an end...a fun...no rush...I don't know what third will come...and what will be the excuse this time to finish the third row...For me everyday practice of my eyes...I have started to observe the world through the possible frames, which one could be interesting, which may be worth remembering ... this is my journal ... I have an instagram, but I visit it much less often, there are too many advertisements there, which bother me.. But most of all here I do not care about likes or stars. Of course, there are days when I do not want anything, then I take a picture of anything, but I think what to do in one, three or five days later You will convert the monthly fee into a roll of film, someone will convert it for a coffee and a Starbucks cookie, and another will convert it into a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes, do not count it. Be comfortable with your decision.

azumac don't count, be comfortable with your decision -- well said!