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no weekly theme this week?

The title says everything... I can not see any new weekly theme.


Stacho Me to

Joanna I'm waiting till morning and nothing :(

120mr I thought this was some mistake and I've written a bug report :P

Jean-Francois CARETTE Moi aussi, peut être que Pawel nous laisse liberté d'expression 🎶🥳

Joe Fortin Maybe... I like that idea! #theme-make-your-own

Piotr Niezgoda I gdzie jest Paweł? Ostatnie zdjęcie zamieścił 4 września.

jazzie Oh... you're right! Not good! 😟

Joanna Ja jakiś miesiąc temu próbowałam złapać kontakt na wiele sposobów i nie dostałam żadnej odpowiedzi. Mam nadzieję, że wszystko u niego w porządku i jest po prostu zapracowany :/

Margie I am concerned.

Lido Paweł ! brakuje nam Ciebie ...

Justyna Bem I hope that everything is ok.

Phillip Flores I wondered about that too. I thought it was an oversight. Also, @pawel has not posted any photo for two days.

Aneta Wojtaszak I wrote to Paweł but so far there is no answer

Paweł Kadysz Sorry about that. The new weekly theme is now available. I owe you an explanation.

This weekend I suddenly felt sick. I went to bed hoping that it'll pass quickly. It didn't. Fever quickly got to about 40°C. I couldn't move a muscle. I was pretty much unconscious. Slept for 28 hours straight.

I feel better now, the fever dropped (not entirely, but is much lower now).

To avoid problems like this in the future, I'll do my best to set up at least two weekly themes in advance.

Sorry. Enjoy the new weekly theme.

jazzie It is good to hear that you feel better! Get well soon!

Basia More important that you feel better than a new weekly theme. Take care of yourself.

Daniel Borth Forget about the weekly theme, it's good to hear that you feel better !

120mr Take care!

Magda Korzewska Get better soon

agnieszka bladzik Take care and get better soon! And don't think about work!

agacper Trzymaj się i wracaj do zdrowia

Jean-Francois CARETTE C'est le Covid?Pas de souci Pawel avec tous les fruits que vous allez récolter cette semaine ,il faut faire le plein de vitamines..Bon rétablissement

Marta Get well soon!

Margie Hope your recovery continues. Get rest!!

Comment was deleted

Paweł Kadysz @Jean-Francois I did not have the usual COVID symptoms, so I don't think I got corona virus. I don't even think it's flu. Something else. 3-day fever and killer cold... I don't know.

Ian Prince Sounds like you had a really tough time. Did you manage to keep taking pics? Anyways here's to a quick recovery 🍀

Paweł Kadysz @Ian I did take the pics. But the quality will probably resemble my well-being at the time...

Ian Prince I can’t imagine that was easy. Nothing wrong with pics reflecting one’s contraire sometime they can the best, despite the « quality  »

polhevi Take care!

Justyna Bem take care and get better

Joanna Quick recovery Paweł. Take care!