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Paweł, where are your photos and why not here? ;-)

Hi @Paweł, I've just noticed your last photo ("Shadows") with comment advising to "upload daily" that was uploaded... on 18th of April.

As you motivated us for all those years this should be our turn :D We want your photos! :D Don't we? ;-)


Ian Prince Was thinking exactly the same thing! We want you back Paweł!

Michael Gatton Hear hear!

jazzie Paaaaaweł?! 📢 hope you‘re fine!

Lido Paweł, smutno jest bez Ciebie.

vera I also hope you come back with your photos! We miss you Pawel!🤗🌸🌺

Hanna Gawrychowska exactly, where are you @Paweł

Basia Maile i reklamy na Facebooku wskazują, że Paweł jest zajęty kursem Antyprokrastynacja. Wciąż czekam że do nas wrócisz

craig Come back Pawel!

Marta Tomaszewska I think it worked, Paweł just uploaded all missing photos =)

tigg But now another void - have I missed something?

Marta Tomaszewska Maybe he likes to upload 2 months at once? ;) I hope he's continuing his project.

It seams that breaking streak at about 2k photos didn't make any good for him...

Viola Qniej uuuuuuuu!

Paweł Kadysz I’m still taking the daily photos. Just need to book a whole day for uploading :D

Ian Prince Good to hear! Me thinks Paweł will soon implement a new bulk upload feature 😂

bizon Got the same problem lately, I think it's good to start uploading new photos asap to break this gap and then catch up in free time (maybe in in a few smaller outbursts)

Marta Tomaszewska Because of monthly gap I've made a mistake and my second or third year is missing streak of 2 photos which I've already taken but omitted during the mass upload and didn't noticed that until later on when it revealed that from 1 to 365th photo there were 367 days ;-) Don't recommend this approach :D