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Kamcza Villmark Congrats! Hope You'll stay :)

Michel Neufeld Many thanks Kamcza ! I appreciate !

120mr Congratulations! And see you! :)

Michel Neufeld Thanks a lot 120mr (why 120 ?) ! 🙏

120mr Because 120 film format ;) I use analogue cameras too.

Iwona- shadoke Huge congratulationsMIchael!! I am very happy that you are here! It's a pleasure to watch your work!

Michel Neufeld Dearest Iwona, your words touch me a lot ! Huge thanks !

Piotr Łaskawski congratulations:)

Michel Neufeld Many thanks Piotr !

Satoshi T Congratulations @Michel ! I also feel Tookapic activity sharpen my sense of observation. I hope you'll stay !

Michel Neufeld You are very nice, thanks a lot Satoshi !

LIDO Congratulations 💐💐💐 do not leave us. It's nice to watch your photos🌸

Michel Neufeld Many many thanks Lido, you encourage me to stay ! I appreciate a lot !

Zenon Drobiński Congratulations Michel! You did great job and I hope you'll continue :)

Michel Neufeld Thank you so much Zenon ! I'll do my best !

robert_wisniewski Congratulations !!! And see you tomorrow .

Michel Neufeld Many thanks Robert ! 🙏

Rafal Michael, You were worried that You can’t manage! You Did it! Congrats!

Michel Neufeld You are right dear Rafal ! Many thanks for your encouragements !

myno Bravo Michel !! J'espère qu'on verra encore un peu tes couleurs et tes compos pétillantes !

Michel Neufeld Merci beaucoup ! Je pense tenter de continuer...!

trudka Congratulation, Michel👏 I hope- see you tommorow 🙂

Michel Neufeld Many thanks Trudka !

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations, Michel! 👏👏👏

Michel Neufeld 🙏🙏🍀 Thanks a lot Rafal !

tania Excellent ! Génial ! Bravo Michel !

Michel Neufeld Merci chère Tania ! Me réjouis de te voir un de ces jours ! ?

tania voui ! à prévoir absolument.

Krasnal Wielki Congratulations!!!

Michel Neufeld Many thanks Krasnal !

Paweł Kropek Congratulations!

Michel Neufeld Thanks a lot dear Pawel !

Magda Ko Congrats Michel, bravo

Michel Neufeld I thank you very much Magda !

jazzie Bravo Michel, well done!

Michel Neufeld It was not easy, but it trained my perseverence !

Dorka Congratulations 😊

Michel Neufeld Thank you Dorka !

val Yeah! You did it!!! Bravo! I loved to follow you during this great adventure!

Michel Neufeld Un tout grand merci ma chère Val !

Comment was deleted

Michel Neufeld Many thanks ! I should take a deep breath to continue on Tookapic !

Comment was deleted

Michel Neufeld It was nice to listen again to this beautiful song ! 🙏

Hanna G Congratulations Michel 🤗🥂

Michel Neufeld Thank you very much Hanna !

eventide Congratulations on completing project! It was a real fun to watch your photos full of humour and to get inspired by the creativity you shared with us!

Michel Neufeld Dearest Evnentide, I thank you so much for your so nice and encouragent comment ! ❤️🌹

jokele My congrats, Michel!

Michel Neufeld Thank you so much dear Jokele !

marta_ii Congratulations!😊 Well done!🤗You had so many doubts, but you did it- I knew it😉 Great project! Best wishes and good luck for the next year, Michel!

Michel Neufeld Doubt is a stimulation part of life !! many thanks for your nice words Marta_ii !

noun Félicitations!!! magnifique travail!

Michel Neufeld Un grand merci ! À tout bientôt j'espère !

craig Congratulations! I do hope you continue!

Michel Neufeld I think I'll do on a more relaxed way ! Thanks a lot dear Craig !

Jan Pinkosz Big congratulations Michel! 👏 I am glad that I could admire your photos, and I hope that I will be able to admire them still. Best wishes and good luck! 🙂

Michel Neufeld Very dear Jan,
I am very touched by your so kind words ! I think I wiil continue to shoot and share with the so lovely Tookapic community I appreciate so much !

Viola Qniej super! congratulations, Michel!

Michel Neufeld Many thanks dear Viola !

Nutt Félicitations Michel!!! Et super que tu continues!!!

Michel Neufeld Un grand merci ! Je le fais d'une manière un peu plus cool !

vera Bravo Michel!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Michel Neufeld Merci beaucoup Vera ! 🙏🌹

Lesley Congrats! This is a great pic!!!!

Michel Neufeld Thank you very much dear Lesley ! ❤️

Urszula Stachowicz Huuuge congratulations! I hope the second year will be easier, without frustrations :)

Michel Neufeld I warmly thank you dear Urszula ! I would so much learn a little bit of your great technique ! ❤️🌹

Kateli Congratulations ! Great 365 project !-You definitely developed a good sens of observation. I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and also your support towards all of the other tookspic members. It's great to have you with us.

Michel Neufeld A big hug and many thanks for your so nice words qui m'ont fait très chaud au coeur ! 🍀😘

mrs Foch Congratulations!

Michel Neufeld Many thanks mrs Foch ! 🙏

Phillip Flores Congratulations! Ever onward to the next 365.

Michel Neufeld I thank you very much for your nice encouragement Phillip !

Dana Lightman Congratulations! I've enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your comments. Hope to see your work again.

Michel Neufeld Thank you so much Dana ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🍀

superczapla Great Congratulations Michel !!!

Michel Neufeld Many thanks ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🍀

NatZ Félicitations!!! Congratulations!👏👏👏

Michel Neufeld Un tout grand merci ! 🌷🙏🏻🍀

Ron Dadoo Déjà 365 ?! et ben Bravo cher ami???

Michel Neufeld Merci mon cher Patrick! JE croyais pas pouvoir y arriver !! Il y a encore bien des progrès à faire sur le plan technique ! À très bientôt j’espère ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🍀🍀

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