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Photo correlations

I wonder how often you see two (or more) "similar" photos next to each other in your following (or any other) photo stream. The first pair that I remember was my and - it really looks very funny near each other :D And today it was and And just a bit later and

Am I the only one who see such things? ;-)


Daniel Borth I also noticed the last pair , funny how similar they are

Łukasz Brożek It's funny, because Gogi is a huge inspiration for me and we made similar photos the same day. :D Propably not the first and not the last time. :P

I saw many photo correlations like this in the past. :P

Marta Tomaszewska From this "many" I exclude photos correlated by weekly theme - because it's too possible to happen ;-) And the photos has to be literally next to each other in the flow. Two similar on one page is almost daily routine ;-)

And I've decided to write about it because it was first time that I saw two pairs in such short period of time. And yours and Gogi's were way much too identical to be happening :D

PS. When talking about correlations - today I've sold my tele lenses to have money for avalanche transceiver. The guy to whom I sold it come in a T-Shirt with historical models of my particular chosen-to-buy transceiver.

Łukasz Brożek To be honest I didn't notice that we took very similar photos until I read this topic.
I wonder how many similar pictures are shared on Tookapic everyday. :D

Krzysztof Maciejewski Well, inspiration.... And coffee in flat lay is very popular theme - I think, that is natural, because most of us drink a lot of java :-)

Marta Tomaszewska And it's very natural that two persons take such photo on the same day and post it in the same time ;)

And by the way - I prefer script languages ;)

Viola Qniej you're not the first - I'm crazy about looking for such coincidences and I always see them - I even did a few printscreens (and I'm not talking about the topic of the week, but two identical photos added in a similar time or in some way compatible with each other - e.g. one photo is an "extension" of the other).

Aga Ka it was funny yesterday with coffee pics though... I took my "Coffee time [056]" after I failed to take a decent shot for the weekly theme :P then I look... few coffee cups already posted. Then again, it is such a popular, quick an can be also a streak pick, I am not suprised :)

Magda Korzewska I am in love with galleries. this is one of them
At the begginig I tried to collect photos to have every line of people moving in one directions and second in opposit. Not as easy and now it is very much mixed up.

Marta Tomaszewska Nice!
But still as I've written before - it's very easy to find similar photos here. What's more surprising is when such "siblings" appear next to each other - like two minds so much alike and in timing :)

Magda Korzewska I like very much also to see 2 photos next to each other which look a bit like they are one photo. This is not very often but when you see this is such suprise.

ponzu This is great. I have been away for so long that I forgot: can be comment, like and fave galleries? How am I supposed to keep track of your gallery other than by revisiting this thread? I hope you are still updating it.

Marta Tomaszewska You really have photos from different days next to each other? ;) you should follow more people! ;)

Shawn What a fun thread. I've noticed this occasionally, too.

Daniel Zaleski Right now in my Photos / Following two great photos next to each other, it looks like a serie by one photog but it is not :) - on the left: "Help !!" and on the right "red"

Krzysztof Maciejewski Yep! I've noticed the same pairs of shots today (one of them is mine ;-)). Really hard to explain - these photos were made almost at the same time in different countries...:-)

Ginger Great minds think alike :) And again it seems we are all so simmilar although so different (we and our countries).

Krzysztof Maciejewski The similarity comes from a similar view of the world. We observe our profiles each other, because we find something that attracts us - just some similarity despite all differences ... And of course this excerpt about great minds is true :-)

Ginger Sure you ar right. Sometimes it is funny to find simmilar pic ty my own ;) "Sadness...." and "Roses" ;)

Krzysztof Maciejewski Good example :-) Both photos are similar, but... Your roses are sad (like tittle) and mine are... creepy. :-)

Ginger true :)

Karolina Oksiędzka Aww pets are the perfect models :D

Kazziz "Play with me!" and "Curing cold with my cat" - play with me analog and digital version (or rather "I'll kick Your ass in Mortal Combat, grab Your pad!")

Marta Tomaszewska that's a good one! I have it also :D

Kazziz I just wanted to post it, too!

Karolina Oksiędzka That's cool correlation :D

agnieszka bladzik they were not close in a time, yet both stuck to my mind: and "palm <3 Sunday beautiful!"
why they did stuck? due to the very visible tea brands, it bothers me a lot

Marta Tomaszewska "Cinclus cinclus" & "#376" - wow, even has numbers one after another :)

Gosia "My almost 98 yo grandma😀" and "Lucy #6" (sorry, the second one is my own :D), 70 years difference between them. It's like looking into the future. Or into the past. Depends on the perspective :)

Marta Tomaszewska so different but so in common: "silhouette" & "Run Baby Run"

Marta Tomaszewska Ah! this moment when two tookapickers live near each other ;-) "#276" and "Clear" :D only 5 minutes of difference! and we even didn't talked to each other! and I wanted to publish totally different photo! amazing :D @Gosia, we definitely have to meet one day :D

Gosia Haha, destiny is bringing us together :D

mrs Foch @Monika_msos "My city and crocuses" and me "#096" This is the same place. We pass each other :D

Ginger There r too many pics of spring flowers, to send all these cute correlations :) Seems everyone is really happy becaucse of the explosion of the spring vegetiation :D

Karolina Oksiędzka I rememberd your corelation and just moments ago I saw: "#by phone."

Ginger Pretty 😊

eventide After a few days after posting this photo of mine "#125", appeared also "To warm up" and "Burning hot Chili" :D

Weronika Ja lubię moje zdjęcie zrobiłam je i umieściłam 😀

Ginger "#311" and mine "staff" :)

Marta Tomaszewska wow! I didn't make it by purpose, I've just upload few overdue photos even not looking into gallery :D only one hour difference, amazing :D

Ginger yours is nicer :)

Marta Tomaszewska I've just got clouds, that's nothing you can plan ;-)

Marta Tomaszewska "Old barn" by @Paweł and "Autumnly" by @Nicolas - even trees ends on the same height in grid! :)

Marta Tomaszewska you meant "Sunset", didn't you? :)

Marta Yes, just corrected my mistake😉😀

Marta Tomaszewska Maybe I'd never found a similarity in those photos, unless I've seen them next to each other: "path" & "View from my 200th picture" :)

Marta Tomaszewska But... how? How it comes that there were no flower on black background, and then we have two of them two hours apart? "Camomile" & "O, ogrodnicza cierpliwości..."

Marta Seems it's even the same place (correct me, if I'm wrong)😊"225. Dworzec "Warszawa Główna" III" and "Nie doczekał się na pociąg, poszedł boso ..." And there's only one minute difference in the time of taking the photo😀 A coincidence?😉

Ginger These two pic have appeared one by one on my screen :) "926/?" and "cat in the hat"

vera Oh great so funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣 And I love this photo of @bvphotosnap !!!

Krzysztof Baczyński I have seen such supper since the beginning of participation in tookapic. Even I used to have fun that I showed in the comments and I asked who from whom he caught. Now it's gone. We will not avoid that someone will use our idea ... Because what is our idea? Perhaps the cadres we have invented have already seen somewhere. And the person who is copying - herself should judge if she is doing the right thing. Sometimes it is an attempt to improve someone's idea, and sometimes a lack of one's own. When a project requires taking a picture every day - it is not difficult to do so. (I know something about it because now I have set very rigid rules for myself). So it's not surprising or annoying. It annoys me only when a photo being a copy of someone's idea gets more recognition, but it's a separate topic ...
That's how I got associated with the photo "coffee" - "Out feet." similar?

Marta Tomaszewska Similar.
But you know... The main "how it could be" in the idea of this topic was when there are very similar photos taken for example 20 minutes apart on the two other sides of the world and later on uploaded here. That's a magic, and you cannot tell that someone is stealing ideas, because he simply cannot be aware about this idea rasing in other place ;-)

Magda Korzewska Those 2 photos remind me about this topic from some time ago. I have them next to each other "#3092 | fake" and "3.017"

Marta Tomaszewska "Morning coffee" and "Untitled" ;-) I feel Ikea there ;-)

Marta Tomaszewska I have to refresh this thread:

* "Blurred" and "Untitled"
* "Niebo o zachodzie" and "Untitled"
* "Untitled" and "rozjaśniając wszędobylską szarość..." - maybe not the theme but the frame
* "Untitled" and "Płynąć wreszcie ..." - the structure of the wall and the water - almost combine when seen one by the other

Marta Tomaszewska this is too crazy to be true: "Emerge" and "Lilac" - even photo numbers are one after each other :D

Michael Gatton :-) I just saw this. Cool.

Marta Tomaszewska It's not about the topic, but about the light and the patterns in the frame - on the thumbnails it was seen very much:
"Out of the dark soon I hope!" and "Untitled"

Marta Tomaszewska And again one directly after another:
"Untitled" and "zachód"