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What kind of photography, technique or style you wish you mastered?

Is there a technique or photography category or style you wish you mastered or would like to learn? What is it? Why that in particular? And what's stopping you?

I wish I could do a series of portraits similar to the one @Ian did last year or even a series of portraits like @Foggy publishes from time to time. Portraits is something I really wish I would shoot more of. Lack of time and lack of people skills is probably the main cause I don't.

What's yours?


Maciej Chomik Portrait photography and food photography. Plus i really want to shoot some party (wedding, 18th birthday?) but I feel that my experience in photography is not enough to do it. ;/

Kazziz You know, what tookapic taught me? That even if You feel like this, it's awesome to go and do it. Do it. Just go for a friend's wedding, some younger siblings' party or something like this and shoot photos. As a second photographer.
I did it on my friend's wedding about two weeks ago and JPGs from camera are here: drive.google.com/folderview?id...

Ian Prince Indeed, amazing how "just do it" works :)

Matt Granger used to say

Daniel Borth I want to improve mine landscape self-portraits , I am very impressed with the pictures that Elizabeth Gadd take , so maybe next year i be able to make something similar .

Łukasz Brożek So inspiring photographer. :D

Ian Prince Interestingly she got started with her self-portraits with a 365 project.

Daniel Borth Yes , that's what I've heard :)

Phillip Flores There are many things that I want to do with photography but I really want to learn how to do street photography. I am still wary of taking photos of random people, I do not really have an issue with taking photos of landmarks but they are not as interesting as having people as the main subject.

Shawn This is exactly what I want, too.

vera @Paweł you remove words from my mouth! I would have said the portrait too in the first place that interests me. I would like to try studio portrait, work with the light, and also portraits outside in different contexts and landscapes. I know some people who would be interested to pose. And I know I love work with people! But the main obstacle is time. My project Tookapic is currently reduced under the sign of survival in terms of time...

agnieszka bladzik using flash in photography, working with artificial light in general, i once have the opportunity to use my friends equipment and studio and it was fun. still not in the point to make this investment. another one, is macro photography - i admire @Rafał and @Hanna photos

Foggy stories thank you @Paweł so much <3 . Portrait photography is one of my favourite categories. It's not as hard so you should just try.