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Now that we're stuck at home, how to keep taking good photos?

Hey everyone. Weird time we have right now. Most of us are probably staying at home due to the virus. But I don't think this should stop us from taking good photos.

That's why this week's theme is #theme-at-home. But that's not all I've prepared for you. I have just published a new blog post on how to keep taking good photos now that we're stuck at home.

Maybe you have your own ideas. Share those in the comments here. I'm sure we can use each others creativity right now.

Stay safe!


Magda Korzewska Would be cool if we agree one day on taking same picture. For example the one with fridge (like Paweł/Michał) or washing machine (Michał). What do you think? Who wants to take challange tomorrow?

vera Me! ✋🏻

Magda Korzewska let's wote for washing machine or fridge?

rajmann Super! I'm in!

annielika I'm in!!! :)

vera for me it doesn't matter ... but if I think... with a little preference for the washing machine!

Urszula Stachowicz Me too, me too! :D This idea made me smile and somehow helped get out of this stagnation.

annielika So... What's next? Washing machine? #my-pandemic-washingmachine?

Magda Korzewska yes, this was to reason to organize such challange, smile and have fun

Magda Korzewska yes, let's go for itI

dzoana te z pralkami są genialne :)

Daniel Borth hey, maybe it should be a theme for two weeks. ( I'm just saying 😉)

vera or two month... 😩

Kazziz nah, we'll figure something out next week, I believe in paweł

Justyna Bem Tomorrow is my first home office day, yay! Fridge definitely :)

Magda Korzewska So we have agreement for tuesday selfie taken in fridge inspired by @Paweł "Need a beer" or @Michał "Still hungry?" OMG I have so many stuff in it, might be challanging. Let's have fun!!

Mariusz Kuberczyk Good, I wanted to vote for the fridge :D

vera hahaha... I just voted for washing machine😁! But no matter, I follow you with fridge! yeah! mine is full Magda!

gerlos Ok, let's do it! 😜

Magda Korzewska Washing machine selfie we do later this week :)

vera Ok! 👍🏻

Szymon Kuzniak Perhaps we can think of a tag to be able to see all those photos in a single screen? What about #my-pandemic-fridge ?

vera Excellent! 👍🏻

Maciek Korsan I came late to the party, what's tomorrows theme?

Magda Korzewska Lets take #my-pandemic-fridge again, maybe it helps to have more. on thursday we add washing machine

Maciek Korsan so what are we going to do tomorrow? :)

Magda Korzewska for those who completed #my-pandemic-fridge we go for next challenge #my-pandemic-washingmachine. Ok. you can skip fridge if you prefer just washing machine. Thank you everyone for taking part, it is so nice to see your faces.

Mariusz Kuberczyk Could I use a dryer instead of washing machine? 😜

Magda G @Mariusz I'm planning to do so without asking :P

Maciek Korsan what's after the washing machine? :D #my-pandemic-workplace ?

Magda Korzewska last day before weekend, why not, thanks Maciek for suggestion

Magda Korzewska sound very tempting, what about keeping it for SAT?

Urszula Stachowicz Perfect day for baking

Magda Korzewska OMG I need to clean it

Urszula Stachowicz I have to clean my workplace. This idea has only advantages 😂

vera me too... 😁

vera If I resume: tomorrow #my-pandemic-workplace and on saturday #my-pandemic-oven...

Urszula Stachowicz We also can do #my-pandemic-bathtub / shower ;)

Ian Prince #my-pandemic-shower could get very interesting 😂

Magda Korzewska Lets go for #my-pandemic-bathroom on sunday. We have more option than for those with bathtube or shower. First for tomorrow #my-pandemic-oven. all agree?

Ian Prince +1 even if I really should clean it first... 😂

vera For me it will be tomorrow sunday... I have to clean my oven 🤪

Kazziz I have added my contribution, at last: "My pandemic washing machine"

Ian Prince Better late than never my friend 👍

Justyna Bem how about #my-pandemic-elevator which could be perfect for monday? :

vera In Switzerland we really stay at home... No elevator at home...

Justyna Bem I see. We have many other options like balcony, bed... :)

vera Yes! 😃👍🏻😉

agnieszka bladzik i'm in #my-great-pandemic-bakeoff mood today - made 3 bakes today ;)

Magda Korzewska Any vegan for sale? I can buy one

agnieszka bladzik all with eggs, will let you know if I made anything eatable without eggs :D

Magda Korzewska Actually I eat eggs, no diary should say

Magda Korzewska Don't you think we need a new # for this kind of photo "quarantine day 10" "Cheers"

Maciej Chomik New weekly theme: ghost stories :)

Kazziz tuturuturu tutururuturu ghooost busters!

vera 👍🏻 yes!