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I missed @Satoshi He has not upoaded any photo since a couple of weeks. Hope this is just short pause as he told me sometime ago.


Marta Tomaszewska Uch, I didn't realised that it's so long since his last photo here! Hope he'll be back here soon..

Phillip Flores If I did not read your post, I wouldn't have noticed.

Paweł Kadysz I know. I miss his photos too. I commented on his last photo but did not get a reply and now I see I'm not the only one.

Marta Tomaszewska @Paweł, maybe you could make some tailor-made "automatic" mail that will say that community is missing him? ;-)

120mr It's a very nice idea, but Satoshi haven't responding to messages for a few weeks now. I hope that he will return to tookapic as soon as he would have space and time for that. Tookapic is very engaging ;) It's quite unique to see such carring community, but I'm imagine that it could be overwhelming too.

Lauren Huston Paweł, do you have any visibility on whether Satoshi has logged in since his last upload?

tigg Also - I assume you or Ian have a personal email address, or even a mobile number? Seems there are very many of us who are most concerned.

Maciek Korsan I've sent him a private email - no reply

Marta I've noticed that too. No "Bye, bye..." photos for quite a long time, no photos at all. Hope everything is ok and we'll see him back here soon...

Aneta Wojtaszak I hope he is ok !

aalicja True.

Mariusz Kuberczyk I'm noticed that too and still looking forward to his new photos

Basia I miss him too

Jean-Francois CARETTE Je lui ai adressé un message, pour lui faire un petit coucou !et si chacun faisait la même chose, nous aurions peut-être une réponse de sa part !! bonne journée à tous

Aneta Wojtaszak Je lui ai aussi écrit. Malheureusement il n'y a pas de réponse. Je suis inquiet. Avez-vous des informations ?

I also wrote to him. Unfortunately there is no answer. I'm worried. Do you have any information ?

Lido This is worrying at the time of coronavirus

Jean-Francois CARETTE Oui c'est vrai! Espérons que ce soit pour une autre bonne raison (vacances par exemeple)

mrmm2017 He is well. Look at "Satoshi ?"

jazzie I fear that nobody got any message from Satoshi since we started this talk?

Jean-Francois CARETTE Non,je lui ai adressé 2 messages qui sont restés sans réponse

tigg I do keep thinking about him ...I fear we may never know ..... Very sad indeed

Lido I also sent him a message to his inbox, but there was no reply

Comment was deleted

Nutt Anyone? Any news?

bartlomiej_w @Paweł - is he currently paying for the subscription? Let this be some hint of his status ...

mrmm2017 Did I see Satoshi? Was it Him? Look at "Satoshi ?"

mrmm2017 Did I see Satoshi? Was it Him? Look at "Satoshi ?"

Kazziz I'll call @Ian, he may have a more direct contact to mr. S.

Viola Qniej I was thinking about him 2 days ago!

Phillip Flores We never found out whatever happened to @Satoshi?

Paweł Kadysz Nope. It's been almost a year now.

vividcolourfabric He still seems to pay for his account but it may be just an automatic payment order, though...

ponzu Happens all the time.

Ian Prince Oh Satoshi, I miss you my dear friend "Tokyo Day 3"

It’s been a year today since your last photo here 😥

Ian Prince Unfortunately not 😢