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How often you've nearly lost your project?

Yesterday was another day when I didn't took any photo - in the terms of photography - and had to post here some crappy picture I've taken by chance ("3.199"). This time it was really crappy, sometimes I have more luck - like here "3.156" or here "3.158" - I could possibly lie that I've made it by purpose, just had a bad day ;-)

Sometimes I even wonder if photos made such way should count in as keeping streak ;-)

Do you have the same? How often? I'm so close to 1000 photos and it's happening recently more and more often. It's scary. I've never been so afraid if I manage to do it as during this third year. Please tell me I'm not the only one :D


Paweł Kadysz Definitely, you're not the only one. The idea behind the 365 project is repetition, showing up every day. Crappy photos are ok. It's not a beauty contest. It's not any kind of contest. Mediocre and repetitive shots are ok as well. Since the major focus is discipline it's important not to be too self-critical.

But there are days when you shoot extraordinary photo. One that you're proud of. And one that would've never been shot if you didn't take photos every single day.

I have a whole gallery of painful streak pics: and I like to compare those with my favorite photos gallery: None of them would exist without the other one.

And surprisingly, it still happens to me to almost forget to take a photo: "So close!" or take one a minute before midnight: "99 workouts"

Keep going. But if you feel it doesn't bring you joy anymore - stop. It's not the end of the world ;)

Marta Tomaszewska Fortunately we live in the times when we communicate with pictures - there is hardly a chance that I've not taken any pic a day.
And yes - I'm proud of many of my pic and I know that I couldn't be a photo of a day everyday. And it's also is meaningful that I've got first one at my third year here - despite seeing progress in my photography by myself it's also some external measure ;-)

But I generally meant this "so close" feeling, Exactly as in the description of your photo - few years, it should be a habit, but still there are moments when you don't match the dots together ;-)

..and honestly - I don't know if "joy" is the right feeling there in my case. It more about achievement and creation of something over average. I still love photography, but right now it's more like craft not an art.

Paweł Kadysz Maybe simple reminders at 9am, noon and 9pm would help?

rajmann The problem is that photography is an art in which you achieve the effect rather immediately. Think about other areas of art - Michelangelo did not paint the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in one day, it was many day of everyday hard work. When you think of your project as a whole you will lose the feeling that it's just a craft.
I think there is a very thin line between craft and art in many areas and I think that's fine - maybe this thought will bring you some new joy in photography.
I hope you will find new reasons and continue your project. :-)

Marta Tomaszewska But "craft" is a very good reason ;-) you know, I'm an engineer, IT girl, and I'm OK with my lack of "art feeling". I can do awesome things that are appreciated and it's enough for me. I do not try to make additional meaning to my work, just to pass something "nice" to the world.

And for sure I'll continue, At least to 1024 photos. Or 2048 :D

rajmann So I wish you all the best in your project continuation :-)

sylwiatka 3.199 and u complain?! U should be proud you manage to take as many every day. Luck of inspiration May happen at different stages. I am Just a beginner and Wonder how it Will Look like in 100photos not 1000
Miłego dnia

Marta Tomaszewska I'm proud, very proud :D but frequency of this "so close" moments raising up so high recently somehow makes me wonder what's going the wrong way ;-)
I don't wish anybody here a feeling when you're so far in your project and its already next day and you have no idea if you even took any photo yesterday, and sometimes it's literally one and only shot. Stress level of such moments is incredible :D

Daniel Borth In a few months or years this photo will be of great value, I even think this photo has a better story than many other "nice" frames.

And besides, what did it look like without the 928 previous pictures, underexposed or not sharp? I can see in my pictures sent in messages that although they are often "disposable" I try to make them "pretty" :)

Marta Tomaszewska you should see original pic of that "3.156" ;-) Yes, sometimes I try very hard to make anything "viewable" from what I have ;-)

But in fact I noticed that even such "documentary" and "messaging" shots I make I try to make it properly. Just in case ;-)

craig You are not the only one. I feel like that a lot, I almost quit (several times) but I am still here. It happens so often just now my cat runs and hides when I bring out my camera.

Marta Tomaszewska should we report you to some animal protect society? :D

But one thing that you have no idea/bad mood but you still remember about 365. I can make streak photos, it's ok. I have many things at home and background/lamp. It's quite easy.

Worse thing is when 365 disappears from your mind. And you wake up next day with big "oh [...]" and desperately check your phone if there is anything in a picture gallery :D

Ian Prince I have a "tookapic alarm" set to ring at 21h30 every evening, just in case I forget to take a pic. Does happen when I have very busy days, or just not in the mood.

I keep in mind that the project is *my* project, so I'm allowed to take as many "bad" photos as I want, and just keep at it with the delight of occasionally having photos that are important to me :)

Paweł Kadysz The *my* project is such a good approach.

Marta Tomaszewska It's very good, that's why I'm not ending because I don't have a "good" photo. But you know - I feel responsibility for other's feelings and try to give them the best content I can make. The "would I be pleased seeing such image" question is still somewhere in my mind.

bizon When I choose an image I just compare other photos I took this day - photos I took in the past or ohters photos don't exist - it's just the best photo I took this day. If I took only one bad photo it's still the best in this day and it's okay. Maybe this approach would help you? :D

Marta Tomaszewska Ekhm... I'm talking about the situation when there is no other photos to compare, when I had only photo of air conditioning settings made for showing it to the technical support :D

And yes, I had better and worse days - but those were days when I took pics remembering that tookapic exists. It's ok that it's not amazing all the time. The problem is when you totally loose focus on 365.

Magda Ko No problem for me to remember the biggest problem is #notinthemoodforphotography
I am too much addicted to create that sometimes it kills me. I need to work on it Your santa claus photo is awesome, you got a star from me!!

Marta Tomaszewska thank you ^_^ and it worked, my nephew didn't cry and even gave me five ;-)

Marta Tomaszewska And you know what? I did it again _yesterday_ 😂

Marta Tomaszewska Realizing that at 0:14. Fortunately I have a choice this time in the gallery 😉

Phillip Flores After the excitement of the first 365, my second 365 was a struggle. It took me almost 18 months to finish the second one and I did notice that there are times that I took a photo just to maintain the "streak". It became stressful and in the end I just stopped since I was not enjoying it anymore. I think the key word is "enjoyment". We should enjoy what we do.

Marta Tomaszewska But I enjoy it, really much.
But sometimes it just disappears from my mind. If I remember to take pic I can always make something - there is a lot of world around. If not - it's scary to check if you took at least one pic by chance on the previous day ;-)

leszek55 I just took a few pictures and I already know the pain of seeking inspiration. I admire your consistency and patience.

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, 365 is simple but not easy. Definitely worth it though!

Joe Fortin Sadly, more often than I'd like to admit.

Some days I have shot-up in bed at ten minutes to midnight, grab my cellphone, and make something I'm not so proud of (low effort).

I like @Paweł 's idea for a Painful Streak Gallery (and will probably start one today). It isn't a matter of "woo is me for *almost* missing a day". No, it's more of a "Look at me being a *badass* and making things because I'm amazing".

Marta, if hitting a 1,000 pictures was easy, we'd call it brain surgery or rocket science. But it isn't. IT. IS. HARD. And because it's hard it's worth oh so much more.

Just remember: You've got this, one day at a time.

Basia On the day I finished the third year of the project someone who was very close to me died. It is a very difficult time for me, and I take pictures so as not to lose the project. I know that in a while it will be easier, in life and on tookapic. I learned it here. I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes I am not an outstanding photographer, in fact I'm often not. There are days when I take exceptional photos, but they wouldn't have been made without the bad ones. I wouldn't do one or the other.

leszek55 You are a consistent person and take your strength from it. Let my thoughts support you.

Basia Thank you:)

Jan Buchta This is exactly what I feel in this moment of 365 project. Lately I reached to number 1000 but last weeks (or even few months) it was just like fighting with myself. Zero fun with daily tookapicing most of days. But I wanted to get 1k. I was braking the streak really often. I missed one day and another one, and another.. because there was no fun and inspiration to take some interesting pictures for me. Another thing, days was so similar (work, home, work... The same duties day by day) so it's not easy to take and share one photo I like which shows my day.

The result is I have a break of taking photo daily. I wasn't satisfied of taking random picture (I had to take one but I didn't have any fun and idea). I hope to back in march maybe. But I need rest from taking one photo I must - and back to taking one photo I want.

Maybe we should create some guide shows how to beat this bad routine when you taking photos here for long time and you start fee tired, loss inspiration and ideas etc. Something like blog post or movie already exist which shows why it is worth to start 365 project

rajmann I shouldn't write anything because I'm here just a month, and I had in my photo project almost two decades brake, but I found yesterday interesting sentence I would like to share because I see you have doubts: "Just when you think you've reached the end, turn the corner and begin again" .
And good luck in any projects :-)

Jan Buchta Very well said. Nice sentence. I like it because I think simple solutions are the best ones very often :) Thank You good luck for you too :)

Lauren Huston Funny you suggest writing a guide. I actually wrote for myself a photo to-do list. So that on the days that I'm not feeling particularly inspired, I can look at the list of things that I do want to get around to taking a photo of. Kind of like our theme weeks I guess, but personalised for me.

Jan Buchta You're right It is a good solution. Just be prepared on these days. Check the list and use one of this points :)
I think everyone can have different ideas on his own list. Maybe it would be helpful to have ideas from different people in one list or sth :) Yep, I definitely must create my own
list just like you. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Lauren Huston Not sure if the link works, but this is something I came up with based on locations. It was never completed (obviously) but maybe one day.
Let me know if the link doesn't work!

Marta Tomaszewska The one thing is funny - it's much easier for me when there is a routine home-work-home. It's standardized, "boring", with a lot of place for hobby ;-) There is always something nice in the world (and home) to be captured. If you have some place with free wall/bookshelf, you can set up small photo studio and it's never-ending source of possibilities :)
The problem is when life speed up to the level when you don't have a time for basic duties like doing dishes. When you're in chaos, without power, in stress, with everything needed to be done for yesterday. Those are the moments when making your mind having power for even remembering about this one damn pic is extremely hard ;-)

I hope you'll come back, I liked your photos :)

Jan Buchta This is exactly what I meant - different people = different ideas about list. I was thinking about what I can do in days when I when I'm not feel inspired. What kind of picture I can take easily. But I didn't think to base this list on locations :) great idea :)

Phillip Flores I like this idea of having a place in the house that can be a photo-studio (even just a desk). Thanks for the idea Marta.

Marta Tomaszewska I have a roll (right now three of them) of cheap background (like 7-8EUR each) lying on my bookshelf and just roll it down when needed. Accompanied by simple lamp of constant light for another 25EUR, All my home studio gallery is from this setup:

120mr Nice and simple idea @Marta !

Jan Buchta Yep. It is good idea. Be prepared and use a wall or table as a mini studio and create a frame always when we don't have a time or idea while the day. It is s nice backup option.
I have to think about it.
Generally, I prefer when some stuff is going on around and I can take a photo of that. I mean, when it is natural situation, not set scene. But time is changing and it good to be prepared for different situation.

Thanks Marta for your good tip and nice words :))

Marta Tomaszewska I also rather prefer to capture the reality and not to create it, but it's just a reality in different light 😉

Jan Buchta Right :) other thing - not always we have what we like / prefer ;) Sometimes we need to create it :)

Marta Tomaszewska Specially for you - how my home studio looks like from behind ;-) "3.211"

And with this creation - putting something in a frame and set up lights is rather arrangement of reality, a "lifting". You see something and you want to show it in the better/more attractive way. I'd have a problem when for example someone comes to me and ask me "make me a photo". And ask me what to wear, where to go, how to pose. When I have to create whole image of this person. I'm totally powerless in such moments :D And admire people who can create whole photo sessions with some idea behind them. But as I wrote earlier - this is a difference between art and craft ;-)

Jan Buchta Really nice idea with these backgrounds. Where did you buy it? (Is it smaller than most of photo backgrounds?).
Yep :D set up someone to photo is higher level ;)

Marta Tomaszewska It's exactly "Tło polipropylenowe FreePower jednobarwne 1.6x5 m" bought in one of the most known photographic shops from Gdańsk, available also online in variuous colors, 29PLN each ;-) The lamp is: "Zestaw oświetleniowy Funsports zestaw Powerlux Sunlight 425 + świetlówka 85W 5400K" - it was for 109PLN
It's not a solution when you need to capture whole person, but for portraits and product photos it's nice. I saw posts where people were complaining for the structure and so on, but... c'mon, it's the price of two coffees ;-)

Jan Buchta Thanks :) looks interesting. I have to check that and organize some place at home like this to have possibility to take some quick good looking picture 👍

Dave Fritz I think we all have those days when we are really to busy with the everyday hum drum of life, or we are charged with caring for a sick or injured family member. A couple of my images were made when I myself was in the emergency room, or later from my hospital window. I used my phone to record some small part of my day. Thus we are blessed with the "streak picture". We all have them, they are a necessary part of this entire process. Not to worry if you have one streak picture a week or several, its important enough to you to make and image. Keep on keeping on with your project.

Marta Tomaszewska there is still a difference when you are busy but have the moment "I need to take anything for tookapic" and you make a streak pic - this is what I can live with happily - and when you totally forget about that and only living in XXI when people communicate with images and there is a chance you took a pic to show something to someone and it saves you ;-)

Marta Tomaszewska Ok. So...

It happened.

Just and hour ago I realized that I literally have no photo from yesterday.
I need to think what to do next.
My world has changed.
961 days and this one totally different.
I don't know what I should feel. Anger? Sadness? Disappointment?
Or maybe relief? Freedom?

Probably I'll go further to 1024 pics without full streak.
Or maybe I need a break?...

agnieszka bladzik Personally at my point I think I would feel relief. For me it's not "not remembering to take the photo" (although recently it happens and at 9pm, I'm like "oh fuck I need a photo"), it's rather lack of ideas, a lot of "good streak picks" and one after another leads to missing the fun of this project.
I still encourage you to go and not put it on the shelf, it won't be perfect, but it shouldn't be.

Phillip Flores This happened to me much earlier in my first year. After 210 continuous days I missed a day and the unfortunate effect of that was that I lost interest and did not have the motivation to 'restart' and so I started skipping days. I would go for a week and then miss another day. I did not matter to me anymore if I had the streak or not. Once I had reached my 365, I decided to try and not miss another day but to no avail. My second year was very patchy and I really sort of lost interest but continued on. When I realized that I was very near 730 it spurred me to take a photo everyday. I have now challenged myself to 'beat' my streak of 210 and to avoid mediocre streak photos (unavoidable, I know) if I can help it. What I started to do as well is to take a longer walking route to/from work to increase opportunities of taking a decent photo. Take a break if you must but try to always return.

Marta Tomaszewska I think that this relief won in the end ;-) I've counted that 961 of 1024 is 93,8% - good score! :D
Yes. it's a pity that I didn't kept that till the end and it was so close. But, how Nepali people says, "What to do?"

I'll take a short break and be back with pictures from my next trip soon.

Dave Fritz You are not the only one of us who is challenged like this. My bet is that everyone here has this feeling fairly routinely. I know that I have this issue, mostly on days when I do not seem to have time to devote to making a strong image. I want to keep my streak going so I snap something with my phone and thats it for the day. I'll try harder next time. Not to worry to much, you have been doing this for along time.