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New Tookapic is now live

Phew... finally. The new Tookapic is here. A week late, but we finally made it. Welcome. Enjoy the new experience.

Sorry it took so long, but moving 3/4 of a million photos with 13 million likes and 8,5 million tags is not as easy task as I thought it would be.

But it seems to work now.

Useful links

Streak broken?

Don't worry about your streak that might have been broken during the migration. Just send me a message using the help widget at the bottom of the site and we'll fix your streak.

Why did we change Tookapic?

We got rid of unused features and implemented the most requested ones. v 5.0 was rewritten and redesigned from scratch. Tookapic will now serve its purpose much better.

Getting There

As you know, the update had to be postponed due to some issues we've uncovered last week. Everything we know about is now fixed, and you should have no problems continuing your 365 project on Tookapic.

However, even though I've tested this new version of the site with dozens of beta testers, I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of bugs still waiting to be found and fixed.

If you think something does not work as expected, please let me know. There's a "Need Help" button in the bottom right corner. Feel free to use it, attach screenshots or other files related to the bug.

We'll be fixing the bugs and improving your experience in the upcoming weeks.

Feedback, please!

I know changes is not something people like. Especially big changes. And I know, it might be tempting to shout out how much you don't like the changes. I get it. But please, give it a week or two and you'll see how much better the site is now.

Let me know what you think of the update in the comments below.


Lauren Huston I've only had the chance to check it out through my phone briefly but it looks really nice! Will be able to have a look properly when I get home tonight.

Chen YiZhou Coooool !

Iwona- shadoke Wow! This is very interesting! Congratulations, Paweł!

Jana Babackova For the fist look: Simply amazing! I like the journey timeline, simplified upload, photo filtering and the the badges idea over the points, but at the same time I will miss the color circle around people photos, because that somehow indicated how long is user there and/or how much he/she is active. And the color dots for photo color profile, which was above the # tags in old system, but I guess I am the only one who watch that ;) Are we able to choose cover photo for gallery? One last thing: why the folder icon is green? :)

Michał Looks great! Congrats... Now let us get used to it ;)

NatZ I really like it! What an amazing job! Now it's time to explore it deeply

Monika Fabcia Amazing job! Congratulations Paweł!

Lido Congratulations, everything works well.

craig Looks good! Nice clean interface! Well done!

Satoshi T I uploaded a picture and enterd a description through the new interface. A question : Is 'auto tagging' obsolete? I liked it...

Magda Korzewska I like change, need some time to get use to it ... but where is my photobook I almost finished for 3rd year at Tookapic. It was so pretty :(

agnieszka bladzik for me it's bit to cluttered sometimes - maybe I'm stupid but title, description and tags all mesh up together when I scroll over my photos, I would leave the title only when you scroll over
also in activity should I see that someone liked my photo? I have that in notifications
and should my feed page be so short? not even all photos from people I follow?
still good it's finally here

Paweł Kadysz Only now that feed actually got some activity we can improve it. It is short because it only started to serve new content once new Tookapic was launched. You can see all the photos from people you follow here:

As for activity tab on the homepage - we're tweaking that now as well. The experience should be much improved soon.

120mr Love the font! It's so pretty. And the photo page is fresh. Nice! I have only small problem with titles and descriptions below the photo. It isn't clear for me what is what.

120mr I just see it - the pics on profile page aren't in chronological order. Will it stay?

Maciek Korsan What I like about new Tookapic:
- talks section
- photo view
- overall simplification
- short loading times

What I don't like:
- the homepage/profile view is a mess - photo wall looks squeezed, and I can't focus on one picture, also I've lost the feeling of continuity on a profile page - sometimes mosaic puts photos in wrong order
- hovering over the photo to see description etc.
- vertical photos need to be scrolled on photo view (can't see the whole picture)

Paweł Kadysz - You're right about the homepage. We're working on it now.
- Hovering over the photo - you don't like the effect or the need to hover? In previous version you had to hover as well, but you got much less information on hover.
- Clicking the photo will show you the whole thing at once + EXIF data.

Daniel Borth I agree with Maciej when you click on vertical photos you need to scroll to see whole picture ( at least in safari ) also I see photos form users I don't follow in following tab
but new design is very nice and clean :)

agnieszka bladzik also from notifications bell I would like to directly click and go to eg. comment that someone responded to etc.

Viola Qniej click on the time, not the comment :)

agnieszka bladzik Not straight forward really...

Viola Qniej yes - really unintuitive. maybe Paweł will change it.

vividcolourfabric I want to talk about giving a photo its name and description. You told it's totally remade and I see some similarities to Markdown. Is that it or I'm wrong?

Paweł Kadysz Yes, basic markdown is supported.

jenth23 Great, but where are tags?

jenth23 Will there be app update?

Krzysztof Maciejewski Simply wow! It is brand new website and looks cool... Some things I will miss, some not, but it is all great adventure to explore... And yes, it will take some time to get used to it :-)

Jan Buchta Ok, my turn. First impresion says it was worth to wait. New Tookapic looks freshy, modern and clearly. Less minimalistic unfortunatelly but pretty good as well.
One thing, I prefered horizontal view than vertical on main page and in profiles. In horizontal mode photos were more exposed. Pictures was at first place an watching photos was easier.
Good point is mobie site works really faster. On mobile devices Tookapic looks just perfect. I like old desktop view because it was simply and minimal. New look is good becouse of functions and usability but mobile site looks so perfect.

agnieszka bladzik i miss simplicity as well - mainly of old stream view - i would leave it with all of the new functions on right/left column

Paweł Kadysz I agree that now, with a lot of content going to the feed it could use some simplicity. We'll be working on that in 2019.

Jan Buchta Yep. I agree. Old simple feed with biggest pics + new functions would be perfect.

jenth23 Maybe add android app first?

Marcin K. there is a mobile version of the page.

Marcin K. Oh... according to "What we plan next" site available here --> they are planning to make an update for the android app.

agnieszka bladzik I can't log out from mobile version by clicking on 'log out button'' also menu in mobile could be still or up button is needed

Jan Buchta You mean iOS app? In my case Android app doesn't work but mobie site is pretty cool. It looks fresh but still simple and minimalist

Paweł Kadysz This should be fixed now. You can track the changes & bug fixes here:

agnieszka bladzik mobile version of the page - not app - confirm it's working now :) thx

Aga Ka Looks good, congratulations Pawel. I will explore it more tomorrow since I am really tired. One question, I see debuts, favourites etc but I don't see group for feedback. Is it me or it isn't there?

Darek Świetna robota, jak mawiał Hancock: good job:-D ale brakuje mi przycisku "wróć na górę" na dole strony.

Maciej Kaleta Tak na gorąco:
Wygląd - super. Gratulacje!
Zestaw funkcji - pewnie da się przyzwyczaić.
Dodawanie tytułu - jak dla mnie zmiana na gorsze. Może jestem już staroświecki, ale nie rozumiem co było skomplikowanego w poprzednim sposobie, że zmianę opisano jako ułatwienie? A tu trzeba wpisać # i pamiętać jeszcze o spacji...

Łukasz Brożek If anybody here noticed that Tookapic allow upload only one photo a day?
Yesterday, December 20th, I wanted upload photo taken December 19th and December 20th, but I couldn't upload second photo. Today I have the same issue.
I see notification: "You’re all good! Your photo calendar is full! Come back in about 16 hours to upload another photo.

tigg Apologies if this has been answered .... not being able to log onto the old app on my iPhone, I hastily deleted it thinking that if I re-installed the app it would work. The app is no longer on the iTunes store when I search [how stupid of me not to check first]. Am I missing something, is the IOS app in the pipeline ... ?
I am amazed how you have the knowledge and creativity to completely redesign and relaunch the tookapic site and it all works. Many congratulations to all [and just before Christmas too, as if you have nothing else to do with a little one at home!]

Maciek Korsan there is no iOS app anymore - use regular website (works pretty good ;))

tigg Ok thank you. I have put the webpage as a thing on the homepage of my phone ... if that makes sense .....

Maciek Korsan there is an option called 'add to homescreen' :)

Gogi Golzman as i mentioned before, the new version looks G-R-E-A-T!
you guys really did a wonderful job!

now can you explain us how to write "Blog" type Talks? with photos & stuff. i got some great ideas.. of course if its possible :)

Paweł Kadysz No plans for that right now.

Jan Buchta I didn't noticed that at my first impression about new site... There is no photo of the day and no share possibility (before, we had share button next to edit button below photo).

Łukasz Brożek Can you upload photos?
I cannot upload photo, because widget after "uploading: 100%" is reseting - on PC and mobile.

Margie I REALLY like it. I wasn't sure at first but somehow I am seeing more work from different photographers and have discovered interesting new people to follow. I think it will help me to not see how many people like others' work, because that can get discouraging sometimes when I don't get as many. I also feel it may encourage more comments which is so nice.
Happy Holidays to all !

FlyteWizard Kinda sad to see most settings have disappeared.

I liked being able to hide my streak and other numbers, I rather not see it or have it on my profile.

Is there a place to control notifications? Before I was able to hide all notifications but notifications for comments.

Jan Buchta On main page -> menu -> settings -> profile -> preferences. There you can mark notifications you wanna get.
Edit: above description id about mobile site. On desktop is even easier. On main page click on profile picture in right corner, settings and preferences.

Daniel Borth but this apply only to email not notifications on the site ( or I didn't find that option )

Jan Buchta Oh yes :/ You're right. I didn't noticed that