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A place for you to hate on the new purple color on Tookapic

I thought, I'd set up this Talk myself before it gets out of control. I'm perfectly aware that not everyone will like the new color scheme on Tookapic and that's ok. Just let me say that, most of you will get used to it.

But Pawel, why did you take the green away

This is a part of a bigger process. Since we're now a paid only community, the site has to communicate a bit different. Colors have meanings and they influence the way we see and think of things. The purple and its' meaning is the closest to what Tookapic represents, in my opinion. Also, the shade you see now is one of many colors I tested. And this one looks best.

Ok, now the comment section is all yours.


agnieszka bladzik still don't like the purple :D

Kazziz me neither. I appreciate the color itself, but it just isn't pretty in my eyes. The blue and green ones suited me much more.

Aga Ka I liked green much more... then again I just don't like pourple in general and I do like green :) But there are people who don't like green and love pourple, there will be people who will like the change. You cannot please everyone, Pawel. And yes, we will all get used to it, I already am paying less attention to it then the first time I logged today :) To me (and most of us I think) people here and all the awesome photos I get to watch every day is the important thing, so don't worry about it :)

Magda Korzewska I do not like it, but this is Pantone color of the year 2018 so maybe I get use to it

Paweł Kadysz It's like the ultimate argument for it being a good color.

Magda Korzewska we need weekly theme for purple (but maybe in spring time)

Hanna G. it is not the same color - on Pantone is ultra violet and here is purple
but i love this purple

Magda Korzewska there is a lot of shadows of purple and violet, some of them are annoying, but our Tookapic purple is quite ok.

Tomek Zimnocho It's different colour. Pantone of the year is much better...

Urszula Stachowicz But Pawel, why did you take the green away? :(

But seriously - It took me a while to find this new color. I wouldn't even notice that without this talk. :P

Marta I must admit my first thought when I logged in and saw this purple color scheme was that something went wrong with my account😉 I got used to it very quickly and probably that will be the case with the rest of Tookapic community. I care more about the photos and the ideas shared here than the color scheme- that's the key issue☺

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Marta Let's say that purple is the new black😃

Anne Thank you for this place! ;) I don't like new color! And Paweł, why did you take the green away? ;) But maybe someday I get used to it

jazzie The longer you look at it, the more you'll like it 😄 I already do! Is the thin green line around the comment box inside the thicker clear violet line made on purpose, or a souvenir of good old green? (iphone, 11.2.5)

Paweł Kadysz Should both be purple. Good eye. We'll fix it tomorrow.

jazzie The number under the little bell is still blue ;-) and 'comment was added' background and my own 'new' are still green...

Paweł Kadysz Added to the list 👍

Michał Highlight of a current date when adding a photo is still green. As well as message popping out after photo upload - the one saying it's ready to be published.

Marcin K. "new" is still green :-)

tania I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVE it ! It's so me !!! Thanks Pawel ! Much better. You made my day 😂 😁 😁 😁

Ian Prince Looks great to my eyes 👍

vividcolourfabric Also, what colours have you tested? Do you have any screenshots? :)

Kazziz yeah, what did all the respondents say? owca? lama? ;)

Aga Ka haha yea @Paweł, what colours have you tested?do you have screenshots indeed? and considering it's tookapic, I think it is appropriate to say; ''pic or it didn't happen!'' ;-)

Paweł Kadysz A whole bunch of different shades of purple - since this was the target color. I did however try completely different colors as well, like salmon orange, the most vivid blue I could find, vivid pink, pastel yellow.

Szymon Maciejczyk ta od lamy to jest nauczycielka z liceum ode mnie ;D

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Szymon Maciejczyk Don't like new color. Making me angry.

Szymon Maciejczyk But seriously, it is so annoying that I can not look at it for more thank 2 minutes.

Szymon Maciejczyk Second day of this nightmare. Still can't stand it.

vividcolourfabric Paweł wrote down here that you can install CSS editor and change some of those details. If you have Chrome, it's Stylebot. For Firefox, it's Stylish - I guess.

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Szymon Maciejczyk After few drinks I came back ... nope, still hate it!

Szymon Maciejczyk why ? ... why ? WHY ? :(

Szymon Maciejczyk Give me something for Safari

Szymon Maciejczyk thanks but I don't want to cheat on myself

Piotr I don't like it, green and blue were better. At first time when I saw a new color I thought it was just some tests or a bug, but if not so.....

Jakub Szymański man..., are you blind?!

agnieszka bladzik I visit couple of pages on colors meaning, and only one from top search mentioned purple as one associated with luxury, so i think that stands behind your purple [tookapic being paid only]. yet most of them assoiciated purple with religion, spirituality, death and anger. but what do i know about colors ;)

also my 'new' above this post is still green - missed so much ;)

Paweł Kadysz Ambition, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and... magic. What does purple do to us? Uplifts, calms the mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality, encourages creativity.

agnieszka bladzik you got diffrent internet ;p

Paweł Kadysz First result in Google ;)

agnieszka bladzik yep i used polish got diffrent pages, still don't like it

Paweł Kadysz Bad news. You're heading towards the purple ring around your profile pic :P

agnieszka bladzik still like 800photos missing, not plan to do it

Paweł Kadysz Damn, you really don't like purple.

Piotr Still don't like purple, but I like Yours conversation :-) :-)

Tomek Zimnocho If it's supposed to calm mind and nerves I'm kind of weird then, because this colour annoys me. I like it on top of photos as ribbon or button (like the one "read the guide"), but I can't stand it on white or light grey background.

Anne For me also it's very annoying color! When it's on main page and only cloud "upload" it purple I can stand it, but for example when I see ten comments with label "new" in this violet it a nightmare and something wrong is happening in my brain ;) I think this shade is probably too vivid
But green was the best anyway </3

agnieszka bladzik I have this with strange 'plus' signs on feed page as well

Aga Ka My husband made a good point about meaning of pourple thought. In the old days pourple was very expenceive color to get, therefore only very rich people could afford it. That is why it was associated with royalty, power and amition. Should the color pourple be still associated with royalty, power and ambition? ;-) just got history lesson from my lovely husband.

Jan Buchta I really like purple but in this case blue and green calms the mind and nerves much more. Yep, purple is more energetic but a little bit more irritating and in this case. Now buttons and frames are to flashy.
When I open tookapic after all day working with computer it's not good that tookapic beats my eyes because of flashy purple buttons. Opening Tookapic page should be a pleasure. Soft green was much better, in this case. Like I said before, normally I like purple :) Purple light like this looks great but maybe buttons should have different tint?

120mr Magic! I like it, it's a nice colour. Energetic.

jewels I loooooooove the purple :-) :-) :-)

vividcolourfabric Just in case you were wondering how tookapic could have looked like in black. I swapped colours in No CC required. :P

Nicolas Camenisch I have to say that in my opinion green did fit better. For me green symbolises something new:
- I can upload a new picture -> green cloud
- Someone replied to a talk (new comment) -> green dot
- Someone new to follow -> green plus

I don't think that purple can fulfil this as well a green did. The only place I really like the new purple color is the "featured" ribbon :)

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Kazziz indeed

Aga Ka I wanted to add I did get used to the new color already. I think if tookapic was ''pourple'' at first and then Pawel would change it to green, we would be complaining that pourple was better... I think it's what we get used to and the fact that we accept lot of things the first time we see them as they are :)

Artur Łobocki I love it but I'm blind for colors so...

Karolina Oksiędzka Actually... I like it.

Mikołaj Sorry, I don't like it either. And the purple "Upload" icon on the top bar is easy to confuse with a number badge for the notification icons. By the way, have you thought about deemphasising or completely hiding this button if a user has nothing more to post?

Rafal I hate violet and purple colours all the time! Miss green! Shitty change!

gerlos I was far from the Internets during this week end, and when I came back to post my last shots and reset my streak, I saw this purple theme on Tookapic I though: "Here it is, it's telling me I'm late, and I need to recover my streak!" ;-) Then I saw this post, and was relieved! :-) About the color: it's fine for me, after half an hour browsing the site, I don't care any more.

Paweł Kadysz As I wrote at the very beginning of the Talk - give it a week. I get that it might be weird at first, especially for those who has been here for years. You might even hate the color. I get all that. We have the exact same discussion every time the color changes and it changed at least twice before.

Actually, I'm glad that a color of a button is now the biggest problem here.

Kazziz The last sentence bought me.

agnieszka bladzik yeah 'every time color changes', aren't there bigger issues than changing colors? for me notification on talks acts wired - showing number on the top while all talks are read etc.

Paweł Kadysz Of course there are bigger issues. Do you really think that all I’m doing is changing colors? The thing is that this particular change is the only one that actually affects existing users. All other changes and tweaks are only visible to new users. It would be pointless if I’d spent time on advertising tookapic to you or Ian or Satoshi, wouldn’t it? Or spent time on explaining the value of tookapic to users with 500+ photos.

There is a good reason for changing the accent color on the site. But then again, I totally understand that you don’t like the change.

I’m also fully aware that it’s not the color. It’s the fact that something actually changed that’s bothering people. We, as human beings don’t like changes... even if it’s a good change.

jokele "yeah 'every time color changes', aren't there bigger issues than changing colors?". No, so there's a little chance, Pawel changes the purple soon :-D

agnieszka bladzik nope in this case is the color, really, i prefer muted ones - even this pantone purple is better for me. also this purple looks super strange on different monitors. in the other hand we don't see much tweaks as you said and so it might looks like you work on colors only as some bugs that was already raised still exists ;)

Ginger Let me say, that many Poles may hate a saying "good change" even more than a purple colur ;)

vera A wind of popart spirit blows on Tookapic! and if we added little yellow stars in the purple, we would be even more intergalactic ✨😜! Personally I like the change! very good purple! More joyful! if pantone said color of the year 2018, in December, we all will think that the green is corny! 🤣

vera And why my "new" comment stays green? 😄

Paweł Kadysz Bug. Will be fixed tomorrow.

vera 👍🏻

Jan Buchta I really like purple actually but in my opinion green color suited better here (buttons, frames etc). Green colour looked more friendly.

Jakub Szymański Fortunately there are some chrome widgets for applying custom CSS. No more purple :P

FlyteWizard You can make your own :D

leitu I liked green much more :)

Paweł Kadysz All of the "purple" bugs you pointed out have been fixed now. If you find anything else, just let me know her or through the support widget.

Magda Korzewska notification number is red again :) I like word upload instead of icon

Shawn I like the new color. I can't even remember the old color!

Maciek Korsan Anyone wants chrome extension with old color? :D

Paweł Kadysz Stylebot or anything similar should work fine.

egzist OMG why!? Only pink could be worse than purple :)

vera Worth or better??? 😋😇😂

Romain euh... I don't care.... green or blue or red.... Important for me is a "easy to use" site...

Aga Ka good point @Romain

Piotr Daniel Many words have been said and I bet that it won't change anything, but I have to say it - the new color is totally hideous :(

jewels Nothing to do with the colour, but I love the Bill Murray GIF if you hit the upload button after having already submitted your photo of the day! Just cooooool!!!

trudka Change for better, Paweł. Let's play with the colours... :-) And I'm singing "Purple rain"... :-)

Gogi Golzman Hahaha this thread is funny

Darlene K I'm sorry.. but i love purple. It looks soo good against my brown skin

Marta Such a vivid discussion-let's make 'Purple and green controversy' another weekly theme😁😉

littlehuman current "color contrast" fits perfect already ;)

Marta Right, I'm aware of this, but being limited to these two colours only...Would be interesting😉 Just a joke😉

Damian Cichy I dont like new color scheme but I know some people enjoy it. Why do not make a available scheme editor (for example in options)?

pgrab It just doesn't matter. It's a minor color, not some UX change, when you have to search for your favourite option that has been moved to other place. Now it's new, so color feels strange, but for a week or two it will be "normal". I remember my first change of layout on forum. Default templates wasn't responsive and table-based so I spent maaaany hours to made my own, responsive template. Of course there were hates only. It did not matter, that site looked finally good and usable on phones. Some time later forum engine after about 13years has a huge update with new, responsive templates. I couldn't spent another two months for making my template again (It has to be done from scratch, because everything in engine has changed) I took one of new, default templates and style it a bit. Of course again only hates "ooohh, I liked the previous one better"...

It's just a minor "additional color", not a color scheme like black background and white content for example (that would be fatal).

Kazziz Ok, I have to admit I got used to it. But it doesn't matter I started to like it.

Ian Prince But aren’t those bright purple “New” badges great for finding new comments on threads like this 😂

Jennifer How can people hate purple!? I absolutely love it!!! And it does set tookapic apart just that little bit more - purple is woefully underutilized on most sites.

365 Shades of Calvados I'm so glad I found this topic! No, I don't like this purple. It's aggressive and distracting from the rest of the content on the page. The green had a pleasant shade and although I'm not a big fan of greens, I thought it was better.

Robbie Colvin The purple is awesome, never change it.

Daniel Zaleski I don't mind. Sometimes it looks too "aggressive". One side note - the activity updates which show up in the lower left corner - eg. photo was uploaded, your comment was added etc. - are still in green.
(it was probably mentioned by somebody else before, I do not want to go through all the posts here as I see no positive outcome of reading personal colour preferences :) ).

tigg Yeah! Love it! Full of creativity! And vibrant! Love it!

Tomek Zimnocho Still annoying.

agnieszka bladzik I've somehow get used to the 'upload' button in this color, but still don't like when it is a background of a button, particularly 'follow' plus sign

Kazziz I still don't like it.

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Anne and here!

Kazziz Still. don't. like. it.

Paweł Kadysz Ok, I’ll be waiting for your next comment in two years. Already marked a day in my calendar :P

Magda Korzewska What color we had before? It was green? I also do not remember the look from November 2015, i have joined.

Kazziz green and blue-ish, both prettier than the current one. ;-)
Don't worry @Paweł, I love tookapic even with this colour.

Adam Kalin @Kazziz can you give more info why it bothers you so much? Tookapic is minimal black and white layout focused on photos with only small 1 purple button a page which take 0.05% of page so what is the difference for you if that 1 button is purple or blue?

Comment was deleted

jazzie I am happy because we don't have any bigger problems than this at the moment 😄

Kazziz It's because of the minimalistic design and layout that colour bothers me. But don't worry, cosider it like poking Paweł :)

Phillip Flores You can go to to view old versions of the home page.

Maciek Korsan For a minute, I was like: WTF, I didn't notice any change 🤔
aaaand then I saw the date of the original post :D

Krysia To prawda kolor ma znaczenie. Zachęca lub zniechęca. Mocno subiektywna sprawa. Dlatego tak lubię fotografię czarno białą :D
A wracając do kontekstu. Trochę razi mnie ostrość fioletu.